Terrain Gallery

UPDATE 31/08/2022 The first section of this gallery is for terrain that i’ve completed since starting this blog. More photo’s, and in progress shots, can be found on the individual posts. The majority of it was made to order for various individuals/clubs/gaming shops, though there is the occasional bit that was made for myself. Further down this page can be found terrain made during my tenure as Caretaker of Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg].

Terrain within Terrain

Cities of Death – refurbished

3D Blood Bowl Pitch

Snowy Ruins Terrain set for use with Warhammer 40k

Intro Gaming Board for Bolt Action (28mm) & Flames of War (10/15mm) – 3 foot square!

Necromunda Terrain set for 6s2Hit (blog posts under Necro-fun-da)

Abandoned Gothic City for Warhammer 40K

Bolt Action Terrain Set

Warhammer Fantasy Terrain

The below is for terrain that i’ve completed whilst being Caretaker of Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] from October 2007 to October October 2013. Although the majority of it was made for [elg] there have been occasional terrain sets made for other individuals/clubs/gaming shops.

Bolt Action Terrain – specifically aiming for Northern Europe style

Snowy Khador Jack Workshop for Warmachine (gorgeously painted Khador miniatures by Mark ‘Digby’ McNaught)

Trench Terrain for Warmachine

Dungeon Bowl Pitch for Blood Bowl, but also (accidentally) the exact size for Super Dungeon Explore

Wartorn Gothic City Terrain for Warhammer 40K

Imperial Jungle Shrine for Warhammer 40K (and some beautifully painted Eldar & Space Marines, unfortunately i can’t remember who’s… sorry!)

Eldar Wraithbone Spires for Warhammer 40K (My Tyrannids and Alistair Unicomb’s World Eaters)

Miscellaneous pictures of other terrain i’ve made, mostly in use with other [elg] club members miniatures.


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