Refurbishing Terrain

My gaming club (ELG) has had two sets of the old Games Workshop ‘Cities of Death’ terrain for about 10 years now, and as you can imagine it has been pretty battered over the years. But to Games Workshops credit the terrain is still sound and it’s only the glue joints that have worn out, so my advice to people is stop dissing GW they make good product and its worth the price!

But anyhoo apparently the terrain requirements of 40K have changed over the past few years, with more favor now given line of sight blocking terrain (over ruins or area terrain), so this has allowed me to re-build these terrain sets into something more appropriate to the current game.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to make these sets pack more easily into our storage boxes by choosing two specific heights to rebuild these buildings to, and put them all onto lighter raised bases.

Hope these amuse



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And I’m back…

So, after a couple of year hiatus (due to a small cute thing) I’ve come back to gaming at my local club, and for my sins taken back up the Caretaker post again. After four years away from the committee the club’s terrain is in worse condition than I could have hoped, however on the plus side their bank balance is healthy so I’ve got plenty to play with to turn that around.

Which begs the question when your supplying a regular attendance in the mid-forties what do you do first. My choice (maybe showing a bit of OCD) was to tidy and by that I mean open every box, assess each piece of terrain for damage, then sort & re-label the best bits into boxes for continued use & record a repair priority for the box. After an eight-hour stint of this I got through about two thirds of the club’s terrain, and realised two things. First: I have made an f-ton of terrain for [elg], Second and more usefully: This is going to take a while to repair/refurbish.

Also weighing on the club is that they’ve now moved to a new venue that hasn’t yet proved secure storage, and that the club’s gaming boards are now further away from the main hall than in the old venue also there a bit tired looking & very heavy (as my sore back can attest).

Hmm so lots to do… but on the plus side lots to blog about :)



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3D Blood Bowl Pitch

…I’m alive honest! Finally go back to do some modelling after a long hiatus due to family illness, baby daughter & my bathroom trying to drop into my kitchen (note: hidden cisterns are a recipe for disaster!).

Anyhoo so my local gaming cafe (Tabletop Cafe – decided to run a Blood Bowl league now that GW have released the new edition (5th Ed apparently). So desperate to do some terrain making, and having the excuse that i don’t need to make up a team (Go Ponies:) I decided to make a 3D Pitch for them.

So i went with 35mm squares (5th Ed pitch has 34mm squares but i’m neither mm accurate, or can multiply by 34 in my head) as this seemed like the best compromise, and tried designing the pitch to be as small as possible. It took me about a month to build around life requirements (Work, Baby, PS4 Skyrim you know important stuff) but i’m pleased with how it came out, anyway in progress pictures here:

And the finished article:



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X-wing miniatures – Printing and painting

I printed a few ships in the last days of waiting before Elenor’s birth, and I’ve been painting them in snatched 10 minute spree’s between doing parental type jobs.

Firstly are two YV-100’s printed quickly at minimal detail level (0.3mm layers) intended to replace the hideous looking Aggressor model (aka Brobots) produced by fantasy flight, with a basic grey & orange scheme I’m happy enough with them.

Second is a YT-2000 printed at best detail level (0.1mm layers) this was just for the fun of it as I played through X-wing flight sim computer games in the late 90’s and like its design. Painted with more care in the millennium falcon style of ‘flying scrap heap’, and I suppose I could use it as an alternate Dash Rendar’s YT-2400.

Also tarted up my token box, but anyhoo pictures:

Anyhoo hope these amuse!


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Eleanor Anne Brigg

And earlier today my daughter was born, weighing 9 pounds and 3.5 ounces (or 4.18Kg in metric) kinda tired so here is a place for family and friends to see pictures whilst i go pass out (no sleep last night :( for obvious reasons)



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X-wing miniatures soooo many tokens

Over the last couple of months I’ve been playing fantasy flight’s game X-wing miniatures which is cracking fun, however like all FF products it comes with LOTS of cardboard crack. So armed only with the freeware version of google sketch up, and some inspiration from other thingiverse designers, I’ve come up with the following token box to tame the card madness.

This prototype print works quite well but is a bit awkward to open, so I’ll make a couple more modifications before posting it back on thingiverse.



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Necro-fun-da – Add on pack ;)

So I’ve been making terrain now for… okay lets say Many years… and it still surprises me how good something as simple as a two coat dry brush looks. Okay so it’s the addition of the spray texture that really sets off the drybrushing, but still you go instantly from flat black blob to all the detail really popping out. Anyhoo pictures so you can see what I mean…

So as were still waiting on our daughter turning up I guess I’ll try and get this add on ‘pack’ for the 6s2hit Necromunda terrain completed.



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Snowy Ruins – 40k Terrain – Pt5 Complete

*phew* with two weeks left to go till Caroline’s due date just got this set finished in the nick of time ;) Anyhoo so i put another coat of just pva & bicarb paste over the snow patches then flocked with GW snow and tapped it smooth with a finger, this mostly seems to have solved the seep-age problem and the set is now delivered for use on an Urban Matz snow territory 6’x4′. But enough talk, pictures…

Hope this amuses ;)


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Snowy Ruins – 40k terrain commission – Pt 4

Paint glorious paint… thuth I forgot how long it takes to base coat a terrain set, I spent 3hrs yesterday painting dark grey *snooze* anyhoo got a few more colours on this evening but it’s still looking pretty basic. But it’s a start and it’s worth noting that every terrain set goes through this dull looking part, it’s where you take it afterwards that makes people eyes pop ;) but here are I few in progress pics…

Hope this amuses, and I’ll keep adding process pics here till it’s almost done.



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Owls & Squirrels… not at the same time!

So just back from our second Centre Parcs Boardgaming holiday and saw these little furry folks:

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