Brown & Cake…

So I’ve been progressing the texturing and some detailing on the bolt action/flames of war demo board. Also this evening had spare time, eggs & a tin of fruit more than would fit in the cupboard and voila pineapple upside down cake.

More terrain photo’s to follow once the board gets past the amorphous brown blob stage.


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Larp Props – 2nd Batch – Finished

So following a two week holiday in Canada I’ve now managed to get back and finish the batch of props off in time for this Sunday’s Fool and Heros larp in Edinburgh (where I can deliver some of these beauties to there new owners). Over all this batch was an improvement over the last one, though did make a few spray Latexing fubar’s on the painting coats which I’ll have to avoid in future… and I’m still not too hot with an airbrush. But here they are your perusal:

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Larp Props – Red & White…

So the batch has now been brown’d up (i.e. i’ve done the first 6-8 coats of latex on everything) and i’m now at the painting stage of colouring the liquid latex with artists acrylic paints and making the props look like props, rather than funny brown blobs!

The ‘stop sign’ staff required me to buy some red & white paint, so i’ve also being doing some other detailing with it…

These are in progress pics as I still need to go back over the metal work, and then airbrush in some shadows but still I’m quite happy with how there looking.


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Larp Props – 2nd Batch – Pt 2

So a few more of the weapons are now ‘foam finished’, just working on the last one a “post apocalyptic staff, reinforced with a ‘stop’ sign for extra oomf”… still scratching my head about how to wrap the sign around one end, without it just looking stuck on.

Update: After a brain storming session came up with some idea’s for the sign, and after approval got it finished :)

Hopefully aiming to have these finished for mid august, but the garden is eating alot of my time at the mo. Arrrg so much hobby to do & so little time ;)


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Larp Props – 2nd Batch

So for the last few weeks I’ve been working on making and refurbishing some LARP weapons for myself and for some players at Fools and Heroes: Edinburgh branch. Due to FnH having different weapon size rules than other Larp’s I’ve been making myself a 36″ Sword & Hammer.

I’ve also followed my previous advice and am making during the summer… so only a slim chance of snow *grumbles* bloody scottish weather.

Anyhoo photo’s and an interesting flow chart on the history of the European sword, and some diagrams of sample sword guards & pommels:

Hope these amuse :)



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Bolt Action/Flames of War – Intro Board

So as 6s2hit seems to have become my new patron I’ve been making them a new introduction board. However as Jason threw me some resin flames of war buildings, as well as Kenny giving me some of Warlord’s plastic ‘Ruined Farm House’ Bolt Action buildings, I decided to make a duel usage board.

So I’ve based the buildings on removable bases which slot into the board, this should make it usable for both 28mm & 15mm scales.

Anyhoo some in progress pictures:

The lumpy lines of balsa are the basis which the hedgerows will be built upon. The next stage of construction will be smoothing everything together with filler then adding sand and gravel texturing.

Hope these amuse ;)


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Bottling up some ‘Wedding Wine’…

It’s taken a good few evenings but our wedding present for Emma & Kit is now ready :) below are some pics of the production line.

The gooseberry came out as a tart medium wine & the blackberry a fuller bodied sweet wine. Both very fruity & drinkable :)


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Necro-fun-da – Part 8 (complete;)

And some pictures of the terrain set at its new home, 6s2hit HQ:



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Necro-fun-da – Part 7

Had a bit of a productive couple of evenings and the rest of the smaller buildings are now complete, just the really small scatter terrain to go, anyhoo photo’s:

Hope this amuses!


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Necro-fun-da – Part 6 …and BBQ baking!

So finally back to the blog after the wedding & post wedding shenanigans. Haven’t really made much progress on terrain :( but have attended some Larp’s, built some garden wall & today have done ‘some’ baking of cake, cookies, flat breads, dips & lovely meat marinades… Mmm nom! So not entirely slacking ;P

I’m REALLY going to try and get the terrain done by the end of the month as its bugging me now having it lying around!



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