Bolt Action Terrain Commission – Pt 3

Update! Due to the recent clement weather here i’ve mostly been building real walls in my garden, but here are some in progress shot of the small amount of progress that i’ve made. And along with them (to pad the post out ;P) i’ve taken some photo’s of the other already complete terrain that will fill out this commission.

Note: The mini’s used for scale are a Blitzkreig Miniatures 1/56th Sherman (basecoated), and a Warlord Games American Airbourne Jeep (painted by AndyM).

Hope these amuse



About Nick

Who & Where? Me… sorry that doesn’t help! My name is Nick Brigg and i’m a gaming enthusiast in the Edinburgh area playing a variety of Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplay & LARPs on a regular basis. Currently I attend Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] to get my weekly wargaming fix: What & Why? This blog is for me to share my enthusiam for the hobby, and in particular share my knowledge and experience of making wargames terrain and boards with the community. Hopefully improving the terrain which your playing on and making wargaming a prettier and more enjoyable experience.
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