The HILLS are alive with the sound of…… table saws!

So as you may or may not know Edinburgh has a new wargaming venue/store courtesy of Kenny at 6’s2Hit ( on Bread Street. It has eight permanent six foot by four foot tables for people to drop in and get a game on, and also has more space which they can spread out into for tournaments. They also have a cafe (currently under construction) and a very wide ranging selection of wargames products in the store (with crazy good discounts). All in all its a fantastic addition to Edinburgh gaming scene and definitely worth a visit.

However as ‘6’s2Hit’ is trying to do ten billion things at once (with a finite amount of staff time), Kenny commisioned me to make ‘some’ hills for him. Some in this case being 70!!! So here are a few ‘in progress’ pics of my workshop being swamped by hills :D

You’ll notice that these haven’t been painted yet, this is because Kenny wants to match the hills to the stores existing table basing colours.




About Nick

Who & Where? Me… sorry that doesn’t help! My name is Nick Brigg and i’m a gaming enthusiast in the Edinburgh area playing a variety of Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplay & LARPs on a regular basis. Currently I attend Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] to get my weekly wargaming fix: What & Why? This blog is for me to share my enthusiam for the hobby, and in particular share my knowledge and experience of making wargames terrain and boards with the community. Hopefully improving the terrain which your playing on and making wargaming a prettier and more enjoyable experience.
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