Snowy Ruins – 40K Terrain Commission – pt 3

I’ve been using my day off today to get caught up with the spraying of this terrain set, after having a bit of an incident with overspray from the texturing earlier in the week (need to recoat the window sill, oops!) I decided to pickup a little spray booth with extractor and ho my does it do the job of sucking away all of the excess paint, and any smells. So if your wanting to spray large amounts mini’s or terrain indoors I would highly recommend one, also if you use an airbrush I also recommend ‘Vallejo – surface primer’. Anyhoo here are some slightly dull looking in progress pics:

Hope this amuses



About Nick

Who & Where? Me… sorry that doesn’t help! My name is Nick Brigg and i’m a gaming enthusiast in the Edinburgh area playing a variety of Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplay & LARPs on a regular basis. Currently I attend Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] to get my weekly wargaming fix: What & Why? This blog is for me to share my enthusiam for the hobby, and in particular share my knowledge and experience of making wargames terrain and boards with the community. Hopefully improving the terrain which your playing on and making wargaming a prettier and more enjoyable experience.
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