[elg] is dead… long live elg?

I had the depressing experience of presiding over the death of my 13 year old gaming club last tuesday :(

The club had been loosing money every week for the last year (something which we the commitee should have combatted, however with only two out of the five volunteer positions filled & me getting my noodle throughly stressed out in spring this year the commitee was mainly Dale so credit should really go to him for keeping the club running at all), this was mainly down to a venue move a couple of years ago to somewhere was f’kin expensive (but to be fair every venue in Edinburgh is this price, and our previous venue literally fell apart because it was under charging for its space) and that the change in venue & week night meant a couple of groups left the club for other gaming spaces within Edinburgh. So looking back the economics make the clubs demise seems inevitable, but its still a shame.

Anyhoo moving forwards, so the club’s assets (no money left, i’m talking about terrain & boards here) have now mostly been distributed to the last year’s membership. With the 40K & Infinity players mostly deciding to re-locate to a store’s gaming space (Red Dice games – Facebook link – Tuesday nights) at the bottom of leith walk; and the Boardgamers mostly deciding to try out a new gaming ‘charity’ (Ark Games Club – Facebook link – Wednesday nights) which meet at the church at the west end of princess street.

So the community still exist and games will still be played in awesome spaces with lovely terrain (yeah i know im bragging here stay with me), and I’d like to think that if elg has a legacy that it still lives on in facilitating the gaming community and helping these places inspire great games to occur… any way that is my hope :)

On a personal note I’ve found that being able to draw a line under elg has released alot of pressure from me mentally that I hadn’t realised i was under, but i suppose that the slow death of something you loved and felt that defined you in some ways will do that to you. So elg is dead, but long live the community and may your games forever be awesome :P


P.s. I woke up this morning with a terrain idea thats been part formed in my head for a while now, and realised I can just make this for my own amusement and don’t have to justify the expenditure to anyone (well maybe my wife;) which was quite a liberating experience and inspired me to potificate the above. Anyhoo should now go get our toddler up out of bed :)


About Nick

Who & Where? Me… sorry that doesn’t help! My name is Nick Brigg and i’m a gaming enthusiast in the Edinburgh area playing a variety of Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplay & LARPs on a regular basis. Currently I attend Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] to get my weekly wargaming fix: http://elgamers.org/ What & Why? This blog is for me to share my enthusiam for the hobby, and in particular share my knowledge and experience of making wargames terrain and boards with the community. Hopefully improving the terrain which your playing on and making wargaming a prettier and more enjoyable experience.
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