Terrain stored within Terrain

This idea harks back to when I ran elg and we had a finite amount of storage space (which everyone does really) but we wanted the most variety of terrain for different games systems as possible. In an earlier post I showed you how I began designing terrain sets to neatly fit within a single box, maximising the amount of terrain whilst also minimising (see idiot proofing) damage from usage.

In the club we also did this with smaller shoe sized boxes to contain the scatter, trees & jungle bases. Which you’d then pile the larger terrain pieces on top. But I always wondered if we could use that space more efficiently.

So many many years and thinking about making terrain for my own amusement (and hopefully so I can get some friends over to game) I noticed this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/06WEzB6cA6E and wondered why he made the boxes solid.

Any hoo pictures of the planning and detailing…

And base coated, along with some scatter terrain and the Necro-fun-da add on pack that I started many years ago whilst waiting for our first child to be born… Ellie’s just started Primary 2!

For scale our club used really useful 64 Litre or 84 Litre boxes for a 40K terrain set. All of this laid out covers 4’x3′ and fits into a 35 Litre box. Engage smug mode :) but hope this amuses. Thanks Nick


About Nick

Who & Where? Me… sorry that doesn’t help! My name is Nick Brigg and i’m a gaming enthusiast in the Edinburgh area playing a variety of Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplay & LARPs on a regular basis. Currently I attend Edinburgh League of Gamers [elg] to get my weekly wargaming fix: http://elgamers.org/ What & Why? This blog is for me to share my enthusiam for the hobby, and in particular share my knowledge and experience of making wargames terrain and boards with the community. Hopefully improving the terrain which your playing on and making wargaming a prettier and more enjoyable experience.
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